Cherry Fruit Fly: Eliminating Infestation

Cherry fruit fly, Rhagoletis cingulata, and the black variant of the same called R. fausta feed on cherry, pear, plum and similar trees belonging to the same family of plants. These insects are known to alter their hosts from time to time. However, managing them in orchards planted for commercial use is both easy and effective.


Cherry fruit flies are quite small when compared to the other house flies you may come across. The feature which sets them apart from the others of the kind is the black bands seen on their wings. The female cherry fruit fly has white bands across the abdomen. The absence of the same distinguishes it from black cherry fruit fly. The maggots of both the insects have a creamy white body. They would be legless with a tapered head. When they become mature, they would measure up to 16 inches.

Both of these insects complete one generation in a year. And, the adult ones come out of the soil mostly in June-July. It is also observed that the black variant of this insect comes one week before the actual cherry fruit fly.

The eggs get hatched within 2-3 weeks. And, the maggots make holes in the fruit as the feed on it. The larvae of the cherry fruit flies go through three instars in their lives. This process takes up to 3 weeks. The last instars drop on to the soil from the fruit. There, they make holes of three inches where they stay for a few days as pupae.

It is reported that it is the larvae which cause serious damage to the fruits. The infested fruits would look shrunken. They would even be ripe earlier than those around them. Marketing these fruits is simply out of the question.

How they get to your orchard

Cherry trees are there in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes offering a real feast for the eyes. Their utilitarian value too is great because they give us both shade and delicious fruits. The same applies to pests too. They too come in search of sources of food to these trees. And, the insect which create havoc in your cherry orchard is cherry fruit fly.  It is observed that this is an insect which can be seen almost everywhere in the US.

Safety measures

There are numerous measures by which you can protect your orchards from cherry fruit fly infestation. One among the most effective among them is releasing its natural enemies. Allowing ladybugs to feed on your cherry trees is proven to be an effective way to protect your orchard from this infestation. If it fails, a careful use of pesticide can be of great help.

Getting rid of the infestation

If you feel that your orchard is infested with cherry fruit flies, the first thing you have to do is to monitor the same. You should be in a position to understand the extent of harm done to the trees. Monitoring them with the help of a sticky ball or a similar trap would be of great advantage to you in the matter. With the extent determined, the generally preferred option is hiring a professional to assist you in your attempts to eliminate the infestation for good.

All About The Cereal Rust Mite

What are grain rust mites?

Check this site out When looking for a quality Pest Control Murrysville PA. Grain rust mites are also called cereal rust mite and their scientific name is Abacarus hystrix. These pests are very small with a measurement of one millimeter and are light yellow, white or orange in color. They are spindle shaped and have four legs. These mites cause a lot of damage to the crops that they infest and have been a major reason for the timothy losses that the nation has suffered. Since these pests are very small they are difficult to identify and eliminate until there is a major infestation.

These pests are so small you would need a highly powerful hand lens to detect these pests in your field. They would look like tiny specks of rice with legs. You will find them at the base of the tillers and behind the leaves. In the cold mornings you will see them in the forage grass. Since they are always in the hiding and have a very tiny size you should look for a cereal rust mite during a warm and sunny day when they are out on the surface of the leaves.

What is the extent of damage that these pests can cause?

Timothy is a very profitable crop that generates gross revenue of up to $315 per acre. These mites are extremely harmful for this highly profitable crop. They feed on the bulliform cells of the plants which causes a direct impact on the growth and quality of timothy. If you have an infestation of grain rust mites on your timothy production then you will notice discoloration, reduces growth rate and stunting. Since this affects the overall quality of the crop there is a lack of willing buyers of the infested crops.

What are the precautionary measures that could stop these pests from infesting?

During the winter and early spring these pests lay their eggs this is the ideal time to notice an infestation. By early April there will be a huge increase in the number of timothy mites, which they are popularly called. You must keep a close watch on the crops during the spring to notice any signs of the eggs that they lay. These are small round eggs that are present on the mid vein of the leaves. As soon as you identify them you must take pest control measures to protect the crop.

What are the pest control measures?

The most effective way of dealing with these pests is the application of Seven XLR PLUS. This controls the rust mites on the crops and should be properly sprayed throughout the field and crops to curb these pests.

We provide the Best Exterminator Murrysville PA! There should also be an increase in the water volume that is used in the fields to diminish the harmful effects of the cereal rust mite. If you feel that the infestation is beyond your control and you need professional help to eliminate them then you must contact a licensed pest control company as soon as possible to save this precious crop.

Pest Control Measures For Cereal Leaf Beetle

Have you ever called Pest Control Gibsonia PA to take care of a pest problem in your home? Cereal leaf beetle is an agricultural pest that is capable of causing a lot of damage to the cereal production. Since these pests feed on the leaf tissues they could hamper the overall production of the grains. These pests lay eggs during the spring and by summer they have adult beetles ready to take over. Generally these pests are found in the woods and places that have heavy plantation. If you live in an agricultural area then you might notice these pests. If you have a huge and elaborate kitchen garden then you could also sight some of these beetles. They are very dangerous for the vegetation could cause damage to the leaves, plant and entire vegetation.

These beetles have bluish black wings and their legs and thorax are light orange brown in color. They feed on all types of cereal like, oat, wheat, barley, rye, corn, reed canary grass, rye grass, brome grass, orchard grass, timothy etc. If you have any of these in your kitchen garden then you might look out for these pests in the summer. You will find the adult and the larvae feeding on the leaves of the plant that they infest. You will be able to identify an infestation by the pattern of feeding on the leaves by these beetles. The adults will chew through the leaves and leave small holes, while the larvae  feeds only on the upper surface of the leaf leaving a thin whitish or light brownish structure behind. It looks like frost damage, but if you watch closely you will see these pests.

The cereal leaf beetle lives under the fallen leaves, crevices and cracks on the tree bark and the underside of the leaves. They lay their eggs along the mid rib of the leaf in a single line or in pairs. These pests multiply quickly and in a matter of a few days you could have your entire field infested. These pests are extremely menacing and cause a lot of economical and agricultural problems.

Here are some of the pest control measures that will help you to keep the crops safe and yield better higher quality products.

Sample your crops

Before you take any pest control measure against these pests you should sample the crops so that you can determine the level of infestation. If it is too mild then you might not spend a lot of money on chemicals and pesticides.

Get a parasitic wasp

There are different types of parasitic wasps that could be used as a biological remedy for these beetles. Tetrastichus julis is one such wasp that could help you get rid of the leaf beetles, they help to keep the population level of these pests in check so that they do not cause any major damage.

Use Malathion

Formulations of Malathion are an effective chemical to defend your crops from these pests. Use it when you see a few larvae on the stem.

Professional pest control

Exterminator Gibsonia PA specialize in pest control, mosquito, fire ant, and termite services for your home and business. If you feel that the cereal leaf beetle infestation is too big and would cause a lot of damage then you must contact a professional pest control company to save your crops.

How To Save Your Cat And Home From Fleas?

What do you know about an Pest Control Bridgeville PA? Fleas could easily turn deadly for your cats and dogs. If you have a pet at home it is very likely that you will experience a flea infestation, young kittens and old cats could suffer from severe anemia if they have fleas feeding on them. Humans could also suffer from a flea infestation because these pests could bite and leave behind a red mark on the skin. Apart from the skin irritation that it might cause they are also carriers of tapeworm. Cat fleas are the bearers of tapeworm and at times even young human children suffer from tapeworms if there is a flea infestation in your house. Modern study shows that these pests are capable of carrying and spreading diseases they could also transmit other parasites and various types of skin infections.

What are the signs of infestation?

If you are wondering whether your cat has fleas or not then here is some of the signs that will help you to identify them.

1)      The adult flea is around 2 mm long and is reddish brown in color. They suck blood from the host’s body that they live on and also lay eggs on it.

2)      Generally cats have an allergic reaction to the saliva of these pests which is why it causes a lot of skin irritation and itching. If there are fleas on your cat then it will scratch itself a lot, especially in the groin area where there is maximum infestation.

3)      You could look for black small pepper like grains on the fur of your cat which is actually the feces of these fleas.

4)      There are also tiny white salt like grains that are the eggs of these fleas and could be found on the coat of your cat as well.

What are the pest control measures?

If there is cat fleas infestation then should take two types of pest control measures, one that would treat your cat and the other that will treat your house. Generally when the pet is infested the pest strays in the house at different places, this is what spreads the various diseases.

Pest control for pet

Here are some of the pest control measures that will help you to keep your cat flea free.

  • Keep your cat clean at all times and brush it regularly.
  • Use a flea collar because it contains IGRs methoprene and pyriproxyfen and insecticides.
  • There are many medicated shampoos and sprays that you could use to combat a flea attack.
  • New products like Advantage, Frontline and Program are safe and effective.

Pest control for your house       

Here are some of the pest control measures that will help you to keep the home cat fleas free. Ask your Exterminator Bridgeville PA to use the most effective methods first.

  • Vacuum your house regularly.
  • Keep your pet bedding and eating bowls clean at all times.
  • Use aerosol sprays in every nook and cranny of your house.
  • If it is a huge infestation that could cause health hazards then you must get a licensed pest control company to sanitize the entire house.

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles?

Check out this article for more information on an Exterminator Pittsburgh. You will know that you have a carpet beetle infestation if there is a substantial amount of damage to your clothes and other fabrics. These pests are generally difficult to get rid of because they are hard to catch and they can live on a lot of things. Of course as their name suggests they feed on clothes and fabrics that are made of wool, fur and silk, but they could also feed on plant products like grains, spices and even books. You could find them in your living room feeding on the carpet or rug, then again you could see them in your closet eating away your woolens, and they could also be in the store room or in the pantry as well. These beetles are also found in museums, warehouses and office buildings where they have food material for them.

The maximum damage that these pests can cause is at their larvae stage. They live and feed on clothes that are stored in dark and undisturbed places like the corner of your closet or the clothes storage boxes. At times it gets very difficult to identify these pests from clothes moth because the damage that they cause is similar.

Here are two points that will help you to identify the carpet beetles from the clothes moth.

  1. These beetles tend to eat from a similar spot on the cloth that they feed on and leave a big hole behind while the moth seems to make small scattered holes all across the piece of cloth.
  2. The clothes moth leaves webbing on the cloth while the beetle leaves a shell like cast skins.

Since they are a little difficult to locate and could well be spread out in your home, you must contact a licensed pest control company to eliminate these pests. If you have identified an infestation then here are some of the steps that you could take to get rid of these pests.

Keep the house clean

This is a precautionary measure that will help you to eliminate the chances of any kind of pest infestation. Give special attention to the closet and storeroom. Hang the clothes in sun once in a while and use fresh plastic packets to store your woolens rather than in cardboard boxes.

Vacuum the Carpets and curtains

Find information on Pittsburgh Exterminator from professional exterminators. Since these pests feed on carpets and curtains keep them regularly vacuumed and well cleaned. Give special attention to the difficult to reach areas like under the furniture and sofa.

Add IGR to your insecticide

There are many beetle insecticides available in the market that you could use to combat these pests. Adding an IGR will ensure that they cannot reproduce and infest your home. While you are using an insecticide make sure that it is safe.

Use a glue trap

A glue trap is an effective way of catching these destructive pests. This trap is easy to apply and will give you a good idea of how bad the infestation is.

Use boric acid

Using boric acid is a safe and non-toxic way of getting rid of these pests. You could spread it in the affected area and eliminate the carpet beetles.